Unveiling Apple's Environmental Vision. A Patent Exploration. Part 1 : Finding the Patents

Unveiling Apple's Environmental Vision. A Patent Exploration. Part 1 : Finding the Patents
Photo by Fumiaki Hayashi / Unsplash
"While some see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do." - Steve Jobs

In today's world, environmental responsibility has become a critical aspect of corporate ethos, and Apple Inc. is no exception. As we embark on this investigative blog post, our focus turns towards a lesser-explored aspect of Apple's environmental vision - their patents. Beyond the glossy presentations and public statements, these patents offer a unique window into the tech giant's efforts to address sustainability challenges and pave the way towards a greener future.

With a discerning eye, we'll delve into Apple's patent repository, seeking tangible evidence of their commitment to environmental preservation. We aim to uncover the innovations and solutions that underscore their dedication to minimizing their ecological impact and how they plan to play a part in fostering a more sustainable world. Through a rigorous examination of these patents, we'll endeavor to separate the genuine strides from mere greenwashing, shedding light on the true extent of Apple Inc.'s environmental vision. So, join us in this quest as we unveil the real story behind Apple's efforts towards a more eco-friendly tomorrow.


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Let's explore Espacenet.com!

First, we'll search all patents related to mitigation or adaptation against climate change. These patents are classified with the Y02 symbol.

Step 1

Secondly, we'll adapt our search to by liming to those patents where the applicant contains "Apple". This can be done by enabling Advanced search, and creating a new Applicants field.

Watch out! These are ALL the applicants that contain the word "Apple".
Step 2

After an initial review of the results, we note some unrelated Chinese companies with "apple" in their name. So we adapt the Applicants field of our query so that we only get the patents of Apple INC.

Step 3

Whats next?

In Part 2 of this series, with an extensive list of hundreds of patents in hand, through data analysis, we'll aim to shed light on the tech giant's commitment to sustainability.